My name is Lauren and I have been a patient of Dr. Rick Joy’s for about six weeks. I came in to see Dr. Joy because of pain in my neck and upper back/shoulder area. I also suffered from daily headaches and occasional migraines. After seeing Dr. Joy twice a week for five weeks, my headaches have drastically reduced. I have only had two headaches in the last three weeks! Dr. Joy is a wonderful Chiropractor who is helping patients because he cares. I thought I was always going to have headaches every day because that is what I was used to. It is wonderful living headache free!”

“I have been suffering with migraine headaches for a while. I have been to three or four different doctors who have told me to take aspirin and the headache would go away. I have tried all different kinds of therapy and the only thing that seemed to work was when I came in to see Dr. Joy. I have been pain free for 3 weeks. I have complete trust in Dr. Joy’s skills as a doctor. Thanks you very much for all that you have done for me.


For the past 2 years I have suffered from chronic neck and back pain. My doctor suggested to me that I go and see a Chiropractor to try and relieve the pain. Ever since I came to Chiropractic Health Center I feel so much better and feel as if a weight was lifted off my back. I cannot thank Chiropractic Health Center and Dr. Rick Joy enough. Thanks again!


I like what they do to my back. Dr. Whittenburg does a good job and makes me feel better. When I feel sad, Dr. Whittenburg makes me happy again. I like that when my muscles are tense she makes them feel better. When I get my new bed it will be better for my back. Dr. Whittenburg is good at being a Chiropractor and I will continue to go to her always!


My name is Phil and I have had serious back pain for many years. I broke my right hip in 1991 and had it replaced in 1997. While this greatly helped my hip pain I think my body tried to compensate for the muscle loss in my right side. When my wife made and appointment for me I was skeptical that it would help. I came in reluctantly, but after my first adjustment by Doctor Joy I felt great relief. I’ve had no soreness after treatments and have felt much better ever since. The office staff has been very nice and the atmosphere is also great. Sincerely.


I have been experiencing back and neck pain and discomfort for years. More recently it has become so bad that whenever I wake up, I would have to stretch and adjust my neck and back for over an hour just to feel normal. I had decided to myself that this was just something I would have to live with. I tried other chiropractors, but only found temporary relief. After only one visit with Doctor Joy, I was able to notice a big improvement immediately. After 2 visits, the pain in my neck is almost completely gone. I want to thank Doctor Joy and Chiropractic Health Center for everything. I will be sure to recommend him to anyone. Sincerely


In my particular case I have suffered from mild to severe headaches on a daily basis for 50 years. I have been to more chiropractors than I could count. I have gone as far as conventional medicine could take me with only temporary results at best. I had no quality of life, as the pain would often stop any activity I was doing. I was losing my desire to live in this way. Then I met Dr. Joy, who joined me in a partnership to restore my desire to live and be pain free. After Dr. Joy’s initial exam and adjustment, I began to feel there was hope! Subsequent visits have built on that foundation, and my quality of life is returning! Dr. Joy, his staff, and the entire atmosphere of the Chiropractic Health Center have all contributed to this change in me. I can’t thank you all enough!


I have been a patient of Chiropractic care since my back injury in the early 70’s. I tried physical therapy for the first year with minimal results. My range of motion did not improve or meet my expectations after several months of therapy. So I decided to search for other alternatives. After asking questions and searching for options, I came across Chiropractic both at a county fair. After my consultation and exam, I was convinced this could be a good path to take. Since the mid 70’s I’ve been a regular patient of Chiropractic. Without the years of Chiropractic care, I’m convinced I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy my hobbies such as racing cars, motorcycle riding and every day activities in my current job. Dr. Joy and his staff are very serious about their patients, and without Dr. Joy’s persistence and his regular care regarding my condition, I wouldn’t be able to be in my current job and enjoy my personal hobbies. I highly recommend Dr. Joy because of his many skilled techniques and his professional and personal attitude towards his patients. Thank you!


My name is Chic. 30+ years as an ironworker have taken a serious toll on my spine and lower back. Herniated disc and a pinched sciatic nerve left me in constant pain no matter what I did to stop it. Then a good friend referred me to Dr. Amber Kingsley for help. She has turned my life around. Dr. Kingsley and Dr. Joy have patiently worked on my spine and pinched nerve for the past 10 months. I’m playing golf again, fishing, enjoying retirement like it should be-pain free. The professional and friendly staff make you feel very comfortable and at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Kingsley and Dr. Joy to anyone suffering with back pain. They have helped me regain a pain free life again. Thank you for the help.


I had always been afraid of Chiropractors, until I came to Dr. Joy. I was satisfied with the care I received and was feeling good, until my car accident. I had neck/back pain and terrible headaches after the accident. Through Chiropractic care and physical therapy I feel that I am in a better state than ever before the car accident. I have no more headaches and, my neck/back feel great. I am grateful that Chiropractic care healed me.


My Chiro life started over six years ago when I met Dr. Rick Joy at the county fair, I was a mess! I was twisted to the point I was two inches shorter than I am now. After growing two inches with Dr. Joy’s help, I was in a bad accident while pregnant with my daughter. Again, I was in need of help and Chiropractic Health Center was there for me. Even after I was healed again, I found myself continuing treatment. I could now play more with my son (7) and baby (1) easier than before. My husband even went to Dr. Joy a few times. In 2005, another auto accident had me crying at Dr. Joy’s door. I am back to pre-accident health and back to work. As I look back at these few years, I know in my heart (and body) that I would not be leading the active life that I have without Dr. Joy and Dr. Whittenburg’s help, I probably would have spent most of my days on the floor looking at the ceiling.


In 1992 I started getting Chiropractic help because of a work related accident. I injured my shoulder and had to have surgery in 1991. I was referred to therapy, but I was not getting my range of motion back. I had to have a second surgery in 1992. This time I requested Chiropractic services. Dr. Joy helped me go from 50% range of motion to 95% range of motion.

In 2002, a student injured me on the playground at school. Again, the work comp doctor wanted me to go to therapy. I requested to receive Chiropractic services instead. My knee and lower back were sprung. I could hardly walk. If I had not gone to my Chiropractor, I believe I would have had severely limited use of my left arm, and I would also not have been able to return to my job as a teacher. Thank you Dr. Joy. Thank you Chiropractic Health Center. Sincerely


After my accident in September 2013, I experienced many side effects. Not only was I physically injured, but also I had issues with getting back behind the wheel and driving. I discovered many obstacles in seeking medical care. But once I called and came in for treatment with Dr. Whittenburg, she reassured me that what I was experiencing was typical. She shared her accident story and that help me. I felt confident, and have since started to heal and feel better. Dr. Whittenburg and her staff have helped me recover. From the treatments and massages to the advice and instructions, I want to thank Dr. Whittenburg and her staff in assisting me in my recovery. Thank you!


My upper back was injured while turning over quickly in my sleep on a couch. The result was a pinched nerve next to my spine, causing muscle spasms across my left upper back, as well as numbness and tingling down my left arm to my hand and fingers. I was in tremendous pain day and night for over 90 days. The only relief I got was temporary: ice and heat and Dr. Joy’s weekly treatments. Dr. Joy’s pressure treatments on my tight, muscle spasms showed me that soft tissue treatment is just as important as crunching the bones! Now I am back to normal and I really want to give a big “Thank You” to Dr. Joy for helping me to weather through my back injury. Also, the support staff always was very friendly and supportive. Sincerely


All throughout my high school years, I suffered from headaches. My parents were both patients of Dr. Joy, and they asked me if I would be interested in giving Chiropractic a try. I agreed, and I began to see Dr. Joy. All throughout high school I saw Dr. Joy on a regular basis. My headaches were caused by problems in my upper back that was causing tension through my neck and head. After seeing Dr. Joy, my headaches slowly started to go away. I no longer get the painful headaches that I used to thanks to Dr. Joy, and Chiropractic Health Center. Thank you!


I had a worker’s Comp injury in 1997. In 2000, I was released after arm surgery and much physical therapy. Still, I was in constant chronic pain 24/7 and had difficulty writing reports and on the chalkboard. I came to Dr. Whittenburg, encouraged by my attorney, and am so thrilled I did. Her creative approach has me enjoying life again, with some restrictions. Not only have I been blessed through her treatment technique also through personal trainers, deep tissue and shiatsu massage, reflexology, continual pilates and acupuncture, all orchestrated by Dr. Whittenburg. I can lift my arm to my head, lean my head back, write my reports without severe shooting pains, and drive. Amazingly, I’m doing things regular doctors were unable to do for me. Thank you Chiropractic Health Center for embracing me, caring about me, and still fighting for my future treatment.


For the last 18 years, I’ve had horrible migraines up to 4 a week.

I’ve been to a numerous doctors, hospitals and even other chiropractors. I’ve never gotten any straight answers as to why I have these migraines all the time. I’ve had a dozen or more surgeries, and tried hundreds of medications. Nothing ever worked more that a day. But I decided to give Dr. Joy a shot, since I’ve heard so many good things. Ever since the 1st appointment I had with Dr. Joy, my migraines have pretty much gone away! It’s been only a month and instead of 4 migraines a week, I’ve had 2 for a whole month! I have not felt this good in 18 years! I’m now going back to school and looking for a job all thanks to Dr. Joy! Thank you so much!


My name is Jenna and I was suffering from horrible headaches almost daily. My grandmother suggested that I go to see a chiropractor to that is what I did. After 1 visit here, I saw immediate improvement. I did not get a single headache for a few days. For me that was huge. I have been coming to the Chiropractor for almost three weeks and have only had 2 headaches. That is a dramatic improvement from what I was going through before. I couldn’t be happier with the results and am very thankful that my grandmother suggested that I come here.


I have had chronic migraines since I was in high school. They would be so severe that I would lose my vision, be unable to eat, and be completely incapacitated. I had tried so many medications to try to prevent them, but nothing worked. All my tests came back normal, and my specialists didn’t know what to do. After doing some research online, I decided to see Dr. Whittenburg and Dr. Joy. What a difference it made! Even though the migraines aren’t entirely gone, I can now work without being in excruciating pain. Currently, I’ve gone 6 days without one migraine- when before, they were constant. Dr. Joy and Dr. Whittenburg have given me so much hope. Together, we’ll get rid of theses for good!


Hi, my name is David and I started coming to see Dr. Joy in July 7, 2010. I came due to having neck and back pain. I would wake up in the mornings with a stiff neck and couldn’t even touch my chin to my chest. Now in this short period of time I don’t wake up with a stiff neck, I can sleep better, I can touch my chin to my chest, and I’m not as tense as before. I am surprised at how quickly I have felt better and how friendly and helpful the staff has been. They have been. They have been a great help with my billing and insurance questions, and are understanding and flexible to my schedule. I will be referring my family and friends to Dr. Joy.


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